Fashion Senseless

Since the invention of the internet, information that you get and learn from a book from a library is easily accessible. Even public opinions that was once in the minds of common people are easily expressed on social media platforms. With its exponential growth, opinion has become a valuable component for self-image defined by the positive and negative feedback a statement gets.


Fashion, for one, became one of the most discussed item online. Be it a positive praise or a negative banter, it will most likely get liked or shared so long as you have friends that will do them for you.

One day, I started to go on a hunt for social discussion on fashion. I started to look for something that will give me some advice as to what to wear to an occasion that I’ll be attending. And as I was expecting, loads of valuable and not so valuable information filled my screen on a list. One thing I noticed is that when I searched on the opposite as to what not to wear or what would make me look stupid, I found only a handful.


If there are only a few people would say some taboos on what not to wear, I’d think that there should be little or nothing that can make you stupid as long as you think you’re not. It is art anyway. It’s an expression of one’s self. If you think that a certain look is stupid, then probably you do not understand what that person is expressing.


For example, one day, you decided to wear your best suit. You made sure that it looks nice and you it does since you think it’s your best suit. Then as you walk along streets, somebody would tell you that you look stupid. First thing that you might do perhaps would be to look for something that would make you look stupid and not think that your suit is. That’s because it’s relative. If you think that something is not right with what someone’s wearing does not mean that it’s wrong. He might even think that what you’re wearing is stupid also and yet you think it’s not, why else would you wear it?


So the next time someone asks you to give them stupid fashion ideas, tell them there’s none. It’s their decision on how to express themselves and how they would want the world to respond to what they wear.